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How Systems Can Help You Scale Your Coaching Business Today

Updated: Aug 2, 2022

I've been doing some deep dives on social media all month long about using systems in your business, because they are just that important!

When you're working to scale your coaching business, you need to put systems in place that will help you manage and automate tasks. This gets you out of processes that can be automated and gives you more time to work with your clients, launch that new program, or write that book you've been trying to find time to write.

Systems can include everything from how you take payments and book appointments to the way you deliver your services and communicate with clients.

While systems may not sound sexy, getting them in place makes your business more efficient and organized.

So you can grow quickly and effortlessly!

How Systems Help You Scale

Systems help you scale your coaching business in 3 main ways:

1. Automation

2. Organization

3. Efficiency

Let's take a closer look at each one...


When you automate tasks in your business, you free up time to focus on the things that only you can do. This could be developing new offers, working with clients, or anything else that helps you move your business forward.


Organization is key when you're trying to grow a coaching business, and implementing smart systems for your coaching business is a great way to get organized. This includes systems for tracking your clients, finances, appointments, and more.


Efficient systems help you work smarter, not harder. They help you avoid mistakes, duplication of effort, and missed opportunities. They also help you hire better and lead a more successful team.

Why Automate Your Business

I always recommend every coach look for ways to automate their business. Automating your business means creating systems (or using existing ones) to automate tasks in your business.

This could be anything from setting up automatic payments to automating your email marketing.

The goal is to free up your time so you can focus on the things that only you can do, like working with clients or developing new offers.

And that's really the biggest benefit to automating your business. It gives you more time to do that things you love to do in your business.

This means you can work with clients, develop new offers, and grow your business without getting bogged down in the day-to-day tasks that an assistant or team member can do.

Systems I Recommend Most Often

If you haven't been following along with me on TikTok, you may not have seen me talking your ear off about my favorite systems. So let's deep dive on those babies here!

For Time Productivity

For time productivity, I love It's an email productivity tool that helps you get to inbox zero in a fraction of the time. You can set up rules for how your emails should be sorted and dealt with so you're not stuck in your inbox all day long.

You can also use Calendly to book appointments, which has been a lifesaver for many of my clients! No more back-and-forth over email trying to schedule something. Clients simply choose a time that works for them from your calendar and voila!

They've got a meeting booked, and you didn't have to spend a minute of your day on scheduling hassles.

For Client Management

For client management, you want a program that's going to act as a CRM, as well as house your contracts, invoices, and even process your payments. I highly recommend using Honeybook (use my affiliate link here to grab 20% off your first year).

Honeybook is an all-in-one client management software that boasts it will make your life 10x easier. No more keeping track of who owes you what in a million different spreadsheets! Honeybook even has a simple project management flow, so you always know what stage your clients' projects are at from inquiry to retainer paid.

Plus, they offer beautiful templates for everything from your proposals to your contracts and invoices. So you can look professional AF without spending hours designing documents yourself.

For Process Documentation

Documenting the processes in your business is essential to scaling, especially if you're a coach aiming for 7 or even 8 figures in business. You can't be the only one who knows how things get done in your business!

But if the thought of sitting down and writing out all your processes gives you hives, don't worry. I recommending using Tango to document everything from your content creation process to how to onboard new clients.

Tango is a process documentation tool that allows you to create simple, step-by-step workflows that can be followed by anyone in your business. And the best part is, it's all stored in one place so you can easily find and update your processes as needed.

Bonus Tool for Social Media Automation

Last but not least, we have social media automation! I'm a huge fan of using Later to schedule your Instagram posts.

Later is an Instagram scheduling tool that lets you drag-and-drop your content into a beautiful feed preview so you can see exactly how everything will look before it goes live. You can also schedule stories, carousels, and videos.

If you don't want to invest in a paid social media automation tool, Later does have a free version, or you can use Facebook's Business Suite.

In order to scale your coaching business, it's important to put systems in place that will help you manage and automate tasks. This frees up your time so you can focus on working with clients, developing new offers, and growing your business.

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