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How to Grow Your Team as a Powerhouse for Your Coaching Business

Updated: Aug 2, 2022

A small and mighty team is important for coaches because it allows for more trust, communication, and overall success. When coaches have a team that they can trust, they are able to communicate better with one another which naturally leads to a more successful business.

More than that, when coaches have a strong team behind them, they are able to achieve more goals and reach higher peaks... kind of like that Mount Everest climb I talked about in an earlier post.

And I know exactly how it feels to make that climb and reach those peaks!

Systems and Processes

Before co-founding Tortoise & the Bear with my husband, I worked my way up in a family events business. In fact, I held so many positions during my 10+ years in the industry that I've done just about everything one can do in hospitality.

While I was hard at work growing the company, I focused on refining our systems and processes. Truly, you can't do 100+ weddings and events a year without them! Because of those processes, we were able to become a million dollar business with a small but mighty team.

A small team provides many benefits to a business overall, like:

  • Improved communication

  • Increased trust and transparency both internally and with customers

  • Able to be more nimble and quick to change

As a coach, that can look like fewer people to communicate with and keep in the loop. Because there are fewer people involved, everyone is on the same page and knows what's going on at all times. This improved communication leads to a more cohesive coaching business. Other benefits include less overhead and a better focus on team satisfaction and well-being.

But how do you get there?

If you're a coach and you want to grow your team so that it is that small but mighty powerhouse in your business, how do you do it in a way that's intentional and strategic?

Start with the Foundation

You're a visionary. You have ideas; you are creative; you're the brainstormer. That's fantastic! It's likely why you've gotten to where you are today.

But, as I love to say, what got you here won't get you there.

While living in that visionary space is definitely a goal, we also need to get to the point where all those ideas are systematized. We want them to be repeatable and scaleable.

Almost like an assembly line.

That kind of foundation gives your business the strength that it needs as you begin to hire more team members. It also serves as a framework for better onboarding and more effective new hires.

If you focus on hiring amazing people (learn more about how I recommend you do that) and you give them the tools they need to be successful in their roles, your entire coaching business becomes more successful.

And it'll happen faster and with much less stress on your end!

Start by recording what you've got so far. What steps do you take to accomplish various tasks right now? What activities do you find yourself needing to do over and over again?

Document that!

It's a great opportunity from here to create Standard Operating Procedures, or SOP's, that list all of your systems and processes. You can even record your screen using a tool like Loom so that an assistant can turn them into those standardized and documented procedures.

Track Your Activity

As you're working on documenting your systems and processes (even working with an expert next to optimize them), track your personal activity, too.

Tracking your activity allows you to itemize exactly what you're spending your time on. It also allows you to see patterns and where you may need to optimize.

There are a couple of ways to track your activity that I recommend:

Time Blocking: Set time blocks in your calendar for each task that needs to be done. At the end of the day, week, or month, review your calendar and reflect on how much time was actually used and for what.

Toggl Tracking: Use a tool like Toggl to document your day. Record the activities you do, the tasks you work on, and how long they take you.

At the end of this activity, you'll know exactly what you're spending the most time on and who you truly need to hire onto your small but mighty team. It takes the guesswork out of hiring completely because you'll know what's a complete time suck, what you're working most efficiently, and what tasks may be better delegated elsewhere.

Automate Your Coaching Business and Grow Your Team

Growing your team in a way that keeps them small, powerful, and empowered means finding every opportunity for automation. Repetitive work is often draining and robs your team of the opportunity to get creative and exuberant in their roles. Using automation so your team can focus on more fulfilling work is key.

Ideas for automating your coaching business might include:

  • Personalized client onboarding email sequences

  • Auto-scheduling of content for social media

  • Online group coaching programs that run on autopilot

  • A sales pipeline with automated follow-up emails

You can even create regular check-in emails to send to your students or coaching clients to provide a personal touchpoint and gather valuable feedback!

I recommend looking into tools like Zapier, as well. Zapier allows you to create "zaps" the essentially serve as the magic connector between two systems or softwares that don't natively connect.

Like adding new clients to your project management board in Clickup or to Slack for communication.

There are endless opportunities for automation in your coaching business, and implementing them increases your team's overall satisfaction and allows you to keep their focus on business growth tasks rather than busy work.

All together, to grow your team into a small but mighty powerhouse for your coaching business means mastering your systems and processes. It means getting them documented and delegated, like a game of hot potato. Your goal as the visionary CEO of your business is to get that potato off your plate as quickly as possible without burning your hands.

Need help getting started? Let's talk about how a VIP Day may be the next step in your business!

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