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FREE Customer Journey Audit

($250 Value - Free for Podcast Listeners!)

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Hi! I'm Hunter with Tortoise & the Bear. I help service-based solo-preneurs (especially those who identify as introverted, neurodiverse and/or spiritual) bring in consistent leads and sales with an easy to use, completely custom, sales and visibility system.


After building and running a multi-million dollar luxury wedding business, I suffered a severe burnout and decided it was time for a more nomadic life with time and space for self care.


With several coaching certifications under my belt, I found that freedom in my lifestyle business as a Business Strategist and Operations Optimizer.

I have found a true second calling in being the wizard behind the curtain to impactful visionaries.

VIP Experience: Consistent Client Creation

Your very own CEO day focused on creating a roadmap to build your ideal sales and visibility system to bring in consistent leads and sales. Walk away from the full day intensive with a plan, clarity and direction for your next quarter and fall in love with your business again!

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