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- What Does Tortoise & the Bear DO?

We love helping busy entrepreneurs learn techniques to grow their business and scale to the next level. Our holistic approach to scaling includes the integration of the mind, body and business acumen of the busy entrepreneur. Our decades of experience running and scaling successful enterprises has taught us one thing, “Anyone can do it!” 6-figures is just the beginning and a happy business owner is NOT an endangered species. Let us show you how!

- What is a VIP Day or Intensive?

An intensive (aka VIP day) is one where we get together and work full steam ahead on a focused project or goal for a set period of time. Our signature strategic planning framework, Map to Millions Intensive® is a full day where we will work with you to plan out your next phase of business growth. This format is ideal for people who know that time isn’t a renewable resource. Get more done in less time and walk away with clarity, a plan and direction so you can fall in love with your business again.

- What is Mindset Coaching Exactly?

Our Executive Breakthrough platform uses traditional coaching techniques, outside the box guidance and expert hypnosis to help you overcome limiting beliefs, set and achieve goals, & solidify your growth mindset.

- I'm a ____________! Is Tortoise & The Bear right for MY Business?

Hunter and Nick have dozens of individual years of experience in both business management and support roles for many types of industries. If you are a brick and mortar business, online service provider, digital or physical product purveyor, coach, consultant, course creator, or creative, the strategies, techniques and tools we use apply to your scaling business. Every business, including our own, can benefit from a second set of eyes. Especially when those eyes are honed in on how you can increase your profit, time freedom, and impact. As certified coaches who have built and run 7-figure businesses, we are ready and uniquely qualified to provide the support to ANY business owner who is ready to scale, succeed, and stop being the bottleneck in their business!

- I Have More Questions. Where Do I Go For Answers??

This is an easy one! - Email Us @ - Call Us @ 858-247-1007 - Schedule a Call with Us Here - Or Chat with Us on the website by clicking the chat icon on the bottom right.

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